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Overview: Majority of Organizations rely on digital media to improve their operations. Electronically Stored Information (ESI) presented as Digital Evidence is obtained through the forensic process of collection, examination, analysis and reporting. For a digital evidence to be admissible in court, best practices must be employed in the recovery and investigation of materials on digital media.


Course Content: The course content is as follows:

  • Digital Forensics Overview

  • Digital Forensic Investigations (DFI)

  • Fundamental Principles of DFI

  • Mobile Forensics: Examination and Analysis

  • Computer Forensics: Examination and Analysis

  • Preparing Digital Evidence

  • Presenting Digital Evidence

  • Court Experience: Vital Documents

  • Court Experience: Relevant Questions


Learning Outcome:

  • Understanding the role of Digital Forensics in investigation and prosecution


Who should attend: Corporate Sector, ICT personnel, Auditors, Judges, Law Enforcement Officers, Members of the Armed Forces and Legal Officers.

Duration of Training: 1 day

Cost of Training: Available upon request.


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