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Overview: AML training for staff would reduce the Company’s risks of exposure to corruption, identity theft, terrorist financing and a range of other potentially damaging criminal activities. Companies need to be very vigilant and ensure that they are not used by suspects to launder the proceeds of their crimes.


Key benefits of AML training for Staff as well as other relevant stakeholders would:

  • Ensure that employee is kept informed of new development, including information on current money laundering and terrorism financing methods and trends to help protect the Company from the risk of being used as a conduit for laundering funds.

  • Enable them to be aware of the risks that the Company face in the event of non-compliance with AML requirements.


Course Outline: The course content is as follows

  • Introduction to money laundering

  • International Response to Money Laundering

  • Nigeria’s AML Requirements

  • Roles and Responsibilities for AML Compliance

  • Elements of an Effective AML Programme

  • Reporting and Record Keeping

  • Due Diligence & Sanction Screening


Learning Outcome

  • Understand money laundering law and techniques used by money launderers

  • How to apply "Customer Due Diligence" (CDD) procedures to identify and manage key risk indicators within customer relationships

  • Understand reporting obligations


Who should attend: All Employees


Duration of Training: 1 day


Cost of Training: Available upon request.


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