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Overview: Employee fraud awareness training is critical for a Company for preventing and detecting fraud. Employee tips are the most common way fraud is detected, which would help the Company save over 25% of its revenue.


Fraud Awareness Training ensure that employees understand:

  • What actions constitute fraud, how fraud harms everyone in the organization and how to report questionable activity; and

  • Common behavioral patterns that might indicate fraudulent activity.


Course Content: The course content is as follows:

  • Fraud – Extent, Patterns and causes

  • Risk management – an overview

  • Fraud prevention

  • Fraud detection

  • Responding to fraud


Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the extent, patterns and causes of fraud

  • Understand how to prevent, detect and respond to fraud.


Who should attend: All Employees


Duration of Training: 1 day


Cost of Training: Available upon request.

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