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Overview: Legal Aspects of Cyber Investigation addresses the role of Forensic Investigators and Expert Witness in the collection and presentation of Forensic evidence, as well as understanding the Nigerian Law on Cyber-crime and evidence admissibility during Legal proceedings.


Course Content: The course content is as follows:

  • Introduction to Cyber Investigation

  • Understanding your Role as an Investigator

  • Understanding your Employees Right

  • The Freedom of Information Act 2011

  • Understanding Law Enforcement Concerns

  • Nigerians Laws in Investigating Cyber Related Offences

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Daubert Standards

  • Expert Witness: Tasks and How to become an Expert

  • Preparation of Testimony in Court

  • Preparing Electronic Evidence


Learning Outcome:

  • Improved understanding of forensic science and its role in litigation and investigative procedures


Who should attend: All employees of Banks, Corporate Sector and Expert Witness, ICT, Audit, Judges, Legal officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Members of the Armed Forces


Duration of Training: 1 day


Cost of Training: Available upon request.


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