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Overview: One of the primary objectives of mobile device management software is ensuring that an organization can track all of its mobile device assets. Inventory control is a critical component of enterprise security programs. When smart phones and tablets are lost or stolen, the organization loses a physical asset as well as the data stored on that device if it's not encrypted. While organizations may implement encryption and other security controls to prevent thieves from gaining access to information stored on a device, they still incur the financial loss associated with the device itself.


FSS mobile phone tracking module illustrates the processes and methods that can be used to locate a missing or stolen device whether in house or for external purposes. Our mobile forensics services brings together experts in security, information protection risk management, privacy, and intelligence.


Course Content: The course content is as follows:

  • Introduction to mobile phone tracking and mobile forensics

  • GSM Network Architecture

  • GSM Layers

  • GSM  Communication Related Data

  • Instruments and software’s used for tracking mobile devices (Imsi Grapper/ Catcher)

  • Methodology

  • Challenges associated with Mobile phone tracking

  • Legal Framework

  • Practical


Learning Outcome:

  • Identify various methods of tracking mobile devices.

  • Participants will be able to track mobile devices.


Who should attend: Strictly Law Enforcement and Members of the Armed Forces


Duration of Training: 3 days


Cost of Training: Available upon request.

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